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Commissioner General of japan

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The Police Act empowers the national government to establish a central police organization to control and supervise prefectural police organizations on matters of national concern. The act also gives each prefecture the authority to carry out
police duties to “protect life, person and property” and “maintain public safety and order” within its prefectural jurisdiction. At both the national and prefectural levels, public safety commissions have administrative supervision over the police.

A. National Police Organization
The National Public Safety Commission and the National Police Agency (NPA) constitute Japans national police organization.

B. Prefectural Police Organization
The Police Act requires that each prefectural government has its own police organization to carry out police duties within its jurisdiction. The prefectural public safety commission and prefectural police headquarters constitute the police organization.

Crime Prevention
Although 2002 was the worst year on record since 1945 with 2,850,000 known crimes, the number has been remarkably decreasing as a result of the countermeasures against street crimes and burglaries by all the police. However, the function of neighborhood as crime deterrent has been deteriorated by weakened community solidarity and widespread anonymity of urban life. In such a situation, the police are making efforts to promote a “society in which crimes hardly occur”, as well as to deter the occurrence of
crime, especially street crimes and burglaries.


Situation of Cybercrime
The number of cybercrime offenses cleared in 2010 was a record high of 6,933,  an increase of 243(3.6%) from the previous year.



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