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Indonesian Police Chief message

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Police Public Relations Division is an important bridge linking the media with the police. Aware of the Head of Public Relations as an information transmitter top, Chief of Police was menitip message to police the new Head of Public Relations, Brig Anang Iskandar.

“The most important is public relations division, will serve my friends (media). Earlier I have to say that it should be only too well kasatwil active with the media, so what steps are carried out by people known to the Police Headquarters” said national police chief, Gen. East Pol Pradopo told reporters after sertijab at Police Headquarters, Jakarta.

The same is disclosed a former Head of Public Relations Police, Inspector General of Police Saud Usman Nasution, who is now appointed as Wakabareskrim Police.

“I was her maid media counterparts. What do I commanded media. Public Relations as PR. Not only Kadiv, passenger Head all the officials here are expected to be as a resource the various media,” Saud message in a farewell speech.

Gen. Anang Iskandar, who recently received the Police Head of Public Relations office said yes and look forward to working a maximum at Police Headquarters Public Relations Division.

“I promise to do things that could benefit journalist friends. Provides information on journalist friends. I can certainly work well,” he explained.
Police Organisation »Vision and Mission

VISION Police: Police are able to be a protective umbrella and Public servant who is always close and together with the community, as well as law enforcement professional and always proportional to uphold the supremacy of law and human rights, the Preserver of security and order and national security in the a national life of democratic and prosperous society. Police MISSION: Vision Based on the description referred to above, further description of the next Police Mission descriptions are as follows:

Provide protection, shelter and services to the community (including aspects of security, surety, safety and peace) so that the community is free from physical impairment or psykis.
Provide guidance to the community through preemptive and preventive efforts to raise awareness and strength as well as compliance with public law (Law abiding Citizenship).
Enforcing the law in a professional and proportionate to uphold the rule of law and human rights leads to legal certainty and a sense of justice.
Maintaining security and public order by taking into account the norms – norms and values ​​- values ​​that prevail in the frame of the territorial integrity of the laws of the Republic of Indonesia.
Managing human resources in a professional police in achieving this goal is the realization of the security police in the country so as to encourage the growing desire to achieve social welfare work
Increase efforts to consolidate into the (internal police) in an attempt to equate the future vision and mission of the National Police.
Police maintain the solidity of the institution of various external influences that are very detrimental to the organization.
Continue the operation to restore security in some areas of conflict to ensure the integrity of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia.
Increase legal awareness and consciousness of a nation of people who single berbhineka ika.

Objective: In order to realize the vision and mission of the Police in the period 2000 – 2004 which will come set targets to be achieved are: Sector Kamtibmas

The achievement of the kondosif Kamtibmas situation for the organization of national development.

Creation of a consistent process of law enforcement and justice, corruption-free and uphold human rights.

Realization of law enforcement officers who have the integrity and high professional skills and able to act decisively fair and authoritative.

Legal awareness and increase compliance with community law embodied in the form of an active and dynamic participation of the community to the efforts of the higher Binkamtibmas.

Police performance is more professional and proportionate to uphold democratic values ​​so well respected and has strong support from the community to create a safer living environment and orderly.

Field of Homeland Security

The achievement of inter-religious harmony within the framework of intensive social interaction and the growth of national consciousness in order to ensure the integrity of the nation that had unity.
Upholding the Unitary Republic of Indonesia based on Pancasila and 1945 Constitution.

Philosophy: seen from the content of the philosophy of Pancasila and Tribrata contains the values ​​of the police as the main man, as a model citizen and must maintain a personal order of the people.

Organization of Police »Police History

BORN, growth and development of the Police can not be separated from the history of the struggle for independence from the Proclamation of the Republic of Indonesia. Indonesia’s independence, the Police have been faced with the tasks that are unique and complex. In addition to managing the security and public order in times of war, the police are also involved in the battle against the invaders and various military opersai together another army unit. Such conditions made by the police because the police were born as the only armed force that is relatively more complete. Only four days after independence, the exact date is August 21, 1945, expressly police forces immediately self-proclaimed Republic of Indonesia Police Force headed by Inspector Grade I (First Lieutenant) Jassin Mochammad police in Surabaya, the first step to do but mop up and disarmament of Japanese soldiers who lost the war, also evokes the spirit of moral and patriotic of all the people and the armed units that are affected by depression and defeat of a long war. Dated 29 September 1945 the Allied forces that it will also include thousands of Indonesian troops invaded the Netherlands on the pretext to disarm the Japanese army. In fact the allied forces would want to help the Dutch to re-colonize Indonesia. Therefore, the war between the allies with troops Indonesiapun happening everywhere. The climax occurred on November 10, 1945, known as the “Battle of Surabaya”. The date was later used as a National Heroes Day is celebrated every year by the nation of Indonesia, November 10, 1945.di Battle of Surabaya to be very important in the history of Indonesia, not only because thousands of people of Indonesia fall, but even more so because of his heroic spirit capable of thrilling the world and the United Nations the existence of the nation of Indonesia in the eyes of the world. The share of police forces in whipping up popular resistance when it rose very besar.alam create security and order within the country, police sudan too much occupied with military operations, crushing the rebellion of the DI and TII, PRRI, RMS PKI RAM and G 30 S / PKI and various GPK crackdown. In the most recent developments in modern policing and an increasingly global, not just the police take care of security and order in the country, but also involved in security issues and regional and international order, as traveled by the policy of the United Nations has asked the army- police forces, including Indonesia, to participate actively in a variety of police operations, such as in Namibia (South Africa) and in Cambodia (Asia).

Sources: http://www.polri.go.id



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