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President Zardari Is Man Of Capabilities And Can Surprise The World

Posted by on Jul 14, 2012 | Comments Off on President Zardari Is Man Of Capabilities And Can Surprise The World

President Zardari capability in leader, the world can surprise

This time the prediction with reference to the President of Zardari is the time I will touch as prediction criss-cross-based on reality and Quran. According to Quran And Sunnat guidence if the prepared process is taking life, success will prosper him otherwise Mkafat-e-Amal process may be long time until the last day of life

Dara raha na Jim Na sikandar sa badshah
Is arz-e-Zameen py siankroon aye chlay gay

Pakistan’s renowned expert of figures and spiritual personality Pir Mian Ghulam Mohammad said that Pakistan’s future is not in America but in Allah hands, but from long it is left on the mercy of Jews and Chris’s Nevertheless.

Almighty Allah selected Zardari for not a puppet game show but for a particular great purpose. Anytime he can surprise the world by taking a positive step if they are able to get my point and take actions beyond well wishing then they can be honored more than their father in law mr. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and forever leadership can become his fate. Taking precautions in 2012 can make him most successful but little inconsideration can result in major failure. Spirtual reality of this year can result in both rise and downfalls.

Beside this Jews and Chris have found their chessman that probably may not from our leaders or politician. And one who can rule the country and now is the time Mr. Zardari can get rid of their bad thinking. Further more his spirtual adviser do concentrate if they find that they can be guided by me.
Pakistani politics is like puppet show. Our leaders and politicians irrespective to the solutions for financial and living problems of poor will left them in red sand of their politics. And the poor are suffering from hunger and inflation and still they are looking for mercy from the same leaders and politician regardless of if there issues get resolved or not but they will remain the actors of puppet show. Shortage of basic necessities of everyday commodities and inflation will keep on rising to sky limits.

Asif Ali Zardari suddenly bacame to heads the country was a surprise for world but it was with great affection of Lord and a result of their abilities. He has well ability to be a hero from zero capability. There is no other leader in Pakistan who stakes his all for the sake of country’s interest. Instead, Asif Ali Zardari is capable of not only putting everything but also lives at risk. He uses the wise intelligence where all other leaves. Nature chosen him for the good of not only Pakistan but for the wellness of entire Muslim Ummah.

World knows that the Pakistan was founded on Lailaha-ilal-laho-Muhammad-ur-Rasool-ullah basis and this country is granted to Muslims with the world’s most valuable unique treasures. These remarkable treasures have the world’s most transparent and precious metals, uranium, gold, diamond, copper, emarald, ruby, oil and gas etc. If we bring these resources in use then every baby born in Pakistan will be among the world’s richest people. But since long some secret hands are stopping us to utilize these resources.

Almighty Allah granted this gift of treasures for not only Muslims but for the promotion of whole humanity but unfortunately Jews and Chris are in a plan to take out these treasures with long sharp teeth. Open terrorism by United States (Europe nexus) is a bitchy tactics of them to eat up these treasures. Whom they named as Usama and Al Qaida terrorism but they will not succeed till the judgement day. And in this try, they will remain cowardly unsuccessful and will scattered like hundreds yeas ago, Allah has protected his holy house in Mecca, the Kaaba from elephants with small birds like the swallow showering pebbles on them and was prevented them from taking over the Kaaba. Exactly in the same way, he will protect this country which was founded at the basis of Lailaha-ilal-laho-Muhamed-ur-Rasool-ullah from the possession of Jews and Chris. And will make them unsuccessful his unusual creatures. Now Asif Ali Zardari should understand the importance of taking action with wisdom and his extra ordinary knowledge.

The Prophet S.A.W.W. said that get education whether you have to goto China. Nature is already with Asif Ali Zardari. If they utilize their skills, knowledge and wisdom then Nature will undoubtly helps him and all powers will be bringed back and if today they are subject to United States then tomorrow may be United States become subject to him. Pir mian Ghulam Muhammad said that his words are predictions for the noobs but a message for the development of humanity for wise. He said that long ago a world renowned astrologer Nostro Dam predicts the America to be divided into pieces and his predictions were literally fullfilled and now the time is going for the fullfilment of the predition of divided America and he clearly said that Asia will raise a Muslim man who will kick the bricks of America. Nostro Dam totally ignored the matter that how much America will be weak or strong and that Asia’s Muslim will be a normal person or a head of states. Common sense does not believe that it can be a normal person but will be a head of states and Pakistan is the only Asian country whose head is Muslim. So Pakistan with blessing on Allah is able to blow not just America but any country in the world like was done to Russia in past. World knows that America is now so powerful and strong that no one can talk with them with eye contact exactly the same way like firoon was once great but Allah always created Mosa with every nation’s firoon and this series continues and will continue until the day of judgement. So now the question left of America’s scattered fragments, Asif Ali Zardari if continues with Knowledge and wisdom, then for this purpose he will not undergo a civil war, nor any sabotage and neither the help of any Usma or Al Qaida also not will have to bends infront of America but just he will have to use knowledge and wisdom. Probably America will bends infront of him and there will be foundation of America splitted into pieces. I’m pretty sure that it will be kicked from not only Afghanistan and Pakistan but from the entire Islamic world. And thus he will rise with not only hero of Pakistan but of whole world. Life and death are in control of Allah but nature gives that kind of chances very rare. Who knows when he will be out from being head of states and some other will keep the charge of it.

Pir Mian Ghulam Muhammad said that he is not a professional astrologist or some pir. He was granted in heritage the super charged passion for helping humanity and spirtuality from ancestors and he is following the path told by them and get the future predictions by using his spirtual knowledge and by following the teachings of Quran. He is journalist career-wise and have been working since the span of 30 years from Lahore on a biweekly magazine publications and now also starting a monthly series in Islamabad. His grand father Hazrat Haji Sufi Pir Mian Sikandar Khan Qadri is the renowned sufi personality and industrialist of Patiala house who started the preaching of Islam in Lahore on instructions of Sai-Shah Inayat Qadri and added thousands of people in Islam. in Punjab province when people started accepting Islam one after one then he suffered the burden to support their families as well. Then in 1882, he started a firm named Sikandar and Company that supplies the military uniforms and military band instruments to whole world with 12 branches in largest cities of Europe. British granted him with the medal of sir which he refused. 75 % of firm’s income was done for the welfare of the Muslims in Punjab. In 1944, early movement of Pakistan, Ala-Hazrat Haji Sufi Pir Mian Sikandar Khan Qadri and his spirtual friend Pir Syed Jamaat Ali Shah donated 2 lak each to Hazrat Quaid-e Azam and spirtually guided him as well and joined their thousands of followers to be a part of movement. At the time of migration, they sent several groups to Muslims coming from the whole Punjab. But when the last group was to arive the Patiala state via train to Lahore in which Ala-Hazrat Sufi Pir Mian Sikandar Khan Qadri was also traveling with them. on the same night, Maharaja Bhapinder Singh of Patiala at the basis of personal revenge attacked on groups that were nearer to railway station and made him martyr and also killed the Pakistan refugees that were living in camps including men, women, childeren and old men. Hundreds of people were killed and were the largest killing in Asia.

Pir Mian Ghulam Mohammad had started a regular predictions in 99 AD. Before that, in early 92 AD at Mian Nawaz Sharif’s termination, they suggested that if he visits Rosa-e Prophet Muhammad by programming (Islamic law) then he will soon get the Government. so to comply with that in 39 th day forum, the Government was given in soft plates. In 93 AD Nawaz Sharif was once again asked about for the completion of the task by getting out of fools thoughts, but they could not. Consequently, the government gone out of hand. Aug 96 AD, since then again they had announced a good news to Mian Nawaz Sharif that he taking back government. so, he once again got the government in 97 AD. the meantime, he was political secretary through his direction, but in Aug 99 AD he made clear to Mian Nawaz Sharif that he would again going to face 92 AD situation. So, once again they must need to review their programs and again visits the ruzh-e- Prophet Muhammad but due to treats of Government hijacking Mian Nawaz Sharif was unable to go there. After in Sep 99 AD Pir Mian Ghulam Mohammad regularly predicted in his newspaper that If Mian Nawaz Sharif once again visits ruzh-e-Prophet Muhammad then he will be able to save his Government otherwise Army will soon get the control of Government.

He predicted about the black head-dresses those (Taliban) intervened and ruled in Pakistan. he also properly predicts about the bog out of the problems of Ms Benezir bhutto and Asif Ali Zardari although Asif Ali Zardari was in the jail. In december 2000, he predicted the return of Mian Nawaz Sharif and the financial loss was also indicated and the detiny will also start supporting them once again. He hinted about Pervez Musharaf’s democratic government and the chances about deportation of Ms. Benazir Bhutto and Asif Ali Zardari. The December 2008 forecast of that Pervez Musharaf should apologize to Allah and also said that if he won’t then the consequences will be worse. Meanwhile guided him spirtually by his beloved Lt. Nazir and measure the advice of saving his life by going outside of Pakistan. He predicts Nawaz Brothers will be a part of ruling government and cleared this fact as well that they have no room for mistakes. He talked about domestic conditions of country that a major power will try to create internal strife in Pakistan but the sensible Pakistani nation shall not allow them to make them like Iraq and Afghanistan like stories and advised to Ms Benazir Bhutto to select his successor. Predictions from 1999 to 2008 proved successful with time. He said that now is the time that Asif Ali Zardari understand the sensitivity of case and make use of his abilities with knowledge and wisdom by not kneel infront of America but by making him go out from not only Pakistan and Afghanistan but from the entire Islamic world to become a global hero.



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